Products Liability
Each year, people are injured because the products they use are not safe due to design defects, use of dangerous material, manufacturing defects, incomplete or incorrect instructions, vague labels or failure to honor current warranties.

Product liability is an area of law which places liability upon manufacturers, wholesaler, distributor and retailers of a product for injuries caused by a defectively manufactured designed product or an inadequate warning.  This can also include the maker of component parts of the product, the assembler, the store or other sellers of the product, perhaps even other people in the distribution chain.


Products liability law allows injured consumers to recover damages that result from a defective or ill conceived product. Products for these legal purposes cover a wide range including but not limited to food, drugs, appliances, machinery, cleaning products, toys, medical devices, medical implants as well as cars, motorcycles, bicycles and planes.   If you are injured as a result of the use of a defective product, you may have a claim for injuries and should always retain the defective product as evidence.